7 Ways to speed up the warehouse employees hiring process

Given the fast turnaround and skill necessary to work in a warehouse environment, it can be difficult to hire the right warehouse worker quickly. Speeding up the process without a proper pipeline in place can result in a poor choice of candidates and, at worst, loss of revenue. 

According to Vox, warehousing industry employment rates are on the rise, and its growth is projected at 21% between 2016 and 2026. Potential employees are very interested in working in warehousing; however, finding the right ones for your business can be a challenge. That being said, let’s discuss how you can speed up the warehouse employees’ hiring process in your company in order to find talent more efficiently.

1. Evaluate current warehouse HR

The best way to speed up your hiring process is to evaluate the current HR structure in your distribution center. How reliant are your warehouse employees in digital management software? Is such software required going forward, and how would its addition change day-to-day workflow?

If you already have employees on your staff, have your HR talk to them and evaluate their common skills and interests. Building a strong company culture is important, even in the warehousing industry. Knowing what your company culture is like with existing warehouse employees will make it easier to add new talent to the roster. 

2. Create a detailed job posting

Once you evaluate the current state of things in your warehouse, you can proceed to write the job listing for your opening. Take all of the above-mentioned factors into consideration when listing what skills a candidate should exhibit. If you use centralized management software to manage warehouse inventory, list that point promptly. 

Be liberal when you list soft skills such as teamwork and time management as their inclusion will signal the professional nature of your job listing. You should also consider minimum years of employment within the industry, depending on how complex your position is. If you are looking for seasonal or part-time workers, you can be more lenient with the requirements you list as these employees won’t stay onboard.

3. Offer competitive benefits

The problem most companies face when looking for warehouse employees is to differentiate themselves from others on the market. Apart from branding, warehouse job listings are almost verbatim between one another. 

Take the initiative and stand out from other brands by offering original and unique benefits to your future employees. Simple additions such as gym membership cards or coupons for a popular local business can help do just that. Likewise, if you are looking for long-term employees, you can add private health benefits or opportunities for raises and additional income under certain circumstances. Go the extra mile, and you will attract candidates much faster than before.

4. Set hiring deadlines

Candidates can postpone sending their resumes and application papers if the company doesn’t offer an end-date for the job listing. Be fair, but also don’t let months pass by without hiring the employees you really need. Set a strict deadline for applications and announce that all available resumes will be evaluated on that date. This will showcase professionalism and give candidates ample opportunity to gauge whether you are a good fit for them.

Terrence Avery, HR Specialist and Content Writer at Trust My Paper, said that: “Setting a firm deadline for job applications will signal that you want to hire talent sooner rather than later. Failing to write such a detail into your posting can result in you receiving resumes months after the listing served its original purpose. Be proactive and ask for understanding from your candidates – you will receive the same foresight from noteworthy candidates.”

5. Expand your posting channels

When it comes to publishing your job posting, there are several avenues you can take to speed up your hiring process. It’s important to post your job listing on the platforms which potential warehouse employees will most likely look for work. 

As such, your first stop can be to publish your opening on your company’s website and social media channels. Or, think out of the box and find staffing platforms like Instawork. Instawork can serve as an intermediary and help your business find the right talent very quickly by matching you to a set of pre-vetted workers, so you can skip the interview and onboarding process below.

6. Build a pool of position-related questions

Once candidates start to apply for your opening, your HR should be ready and able to process them effectively. Due to the nature of warehouse workflow, it’s good practice to have a senior staff member or manager present in the hiring process. 

Position-related questions are pivotal if you want to hire quality employees for your warehouse. Presenting potential warehouse employees with position-specific questions will quickly tell you if their credentials hold up. Likewise, it will show you which candidates are passionate about their work and which ones are out of their depth in their current situation. Some of the questions you should include in your interview pool include:

  • How would you maintain inventory management accuracy?
  • Which warehouse management software do you have experience with?
  • Which warehouse management tools can you operate (such as a forklift)?
  • How would you ensure no packages or deliveries are lost?
  • What would you do if a delivery did get lost, mislabeled, or was otherwise mismanaged?


7. Establish an onboarding process

Lastly, once you get in touch with the right candidates for your warehouse, you should speed up their onboarding process as much as possible. You can pair junior employees with senior staff and ask the latter to coach new employees. This is a great way to quickly bring new staff up to speed on day-to-day workflow in your warehouse. 

Likewise, HR should stay in touch with new employees throughout their training and ask about their experience so far. Coaching is important since junior employees, especially those new to warehousing, can feel overwhelmed with the workflow at first. This will significantly speed up the hiring process of new staff and give them ample motivation to feel like a part of the existing team.

In summary

Whether you look for seasonal warehouse workers or permanent additions to your staff, it’s beneficial to speed up the hiring process as much as possible. Some turnover is inevitable in the warehousing industry as many employees simply won’t identify with the work you do – and that’s okay. Play to your brand’s strengths, offer fair benefits, and do your best to speed up your onboarding process – the right candidates are around the corner.


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