How to find quality temp staff around Bolingbrook in Chicago

As you know, the number of warehouses near Bolingbrook, Joliet, Naperville, and Romeoville have increased a lot recently, making it tougher to attract and retain warehouse workers.In fact, Indeed lists over 4,000 warehouse jobs as of March 2021. Instawork has quickly grown in warehouse temp staffing because we figured out how to find quality workers consistently. Businesses have leaned on us to fulfill varied warehousing and logistics skills, such as 

  • Warehouse Operations
  • Picking / Packing
  • Shipping / Receiving
  • Loading / Unloading
  • Janitorial / cleaning services

Quality you can rely on exists in Bolingbrook

Instawork vets each worker's experience upfront, reviewing references, any certifications, and work history. But it doesn't stop there. Once a worker starts working through Instawork, they build on their profile with customer ratings and feedback. What you get is incredibly rich data about both the worker's skills and work attitude.

Take, for example, Kimberly R's profile, an experienced warehouse worker near Bolingbrook, IL. (see full profile here)

Did you know?

Instawork has over 2,000 warehouse workers signed up within 20 miles of Bolingbrook.

Delivering 90%+ fill rate, even during peak times

Reliability to us means delivering the number of quality people you need to operate your business at your desired capacity.

Our ‘high-tech’ and ‘high-touch’ approach makes sure we support everyone along the way. Customers most appreciate:

  • Scheduling and communications through a web and mobile app
  • Knowing if workers are on their way, which we share by using GPS technology
  • Having an Instawork Shift Lead onsite to assist with scheduling admin and coaching
  • Live support nearly 24/7 days a week, so we're covering the first and third shifts
  • Building a roster of great Instawork Professionals, who are familiar with their processes. Read more on how to build a flexible workforce

We strive to meet customer demands quickly without undermining quality. 

Bolingbrook-based 3PL grew their temp labor usage by 2.5x in 3 months 

remy-gieling-qqtE2yX7POI-unsplashA top eCommerce 3PL needed to quickly scale to support seasonal sales of a large cookie manufacturer.

Using Instawork, they built a roster of over 500 Instawork Professionals, and saw over 70% of them complete repeat shifts, where they saw increased productivity gains over time.

Best of all, they don't have to start from scratch ever again. For their next peak season, they can use our platform to request these same Pros, further reducing training overhead and ramp time.

What's next? Their other locations are now using Instawork for their temp staffing needs.

Staffing safely during COVID-19

More than ever, the safety and health of the Instawork community comes first. We regularly remind workers via multiple channels on COVID-19 safety precautions and to not work when sick. We also work with businesses to ensure their safety procedures are communicated to the workers so they come prepared. And if there's an incident, our in-app contact tracing enables us to respond quickly. To learn more about our health and safety program, visit here.

The essential staffing app for you

We’ve built flexibility into the traditional staffing model so it can easily adapt to your production needs. We’ll work with you to design a staffing program for one-off shifts, ongoing needs, or temp-to-hire roles. And we have your HR’s back on paperwork, payroll, and compliance.

Instawork is a leading flexible staffing solution located in over 20 metro cities, including California (SF Bay Area, LA, San Diego), Texas (Austin, Dallas, Texas), Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, NJ/NYC Metro, Phoenix, and more.

To learn more, speak with one of our Partnership Managers today. Sign up for a demo at

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