The Instawork App: Manage the Hiring Process on the Go

We heard you — hiring doesn’t always happen at your desk. We built the new Instawork app to allow businesses to hire qualified applicants directly from your phone while navigating through a busy day at the restaurant. Review applications, manage the interview process, add hiring managers and new locations and update any of your account info on the go. Here’s a little more about what you can do:

Review job applications

Click into one of your locations to view all of your live and expired job posts. When you select a job you can browse candidates who’ve applied directly to your role and request an interview with them. If there’s a candidate you want to pass on, feel free to “decline” them so they know it’s not a fit and they can move on. See someone you want to come back to later? Hit “shortlist” so you can easily find and review their application another time.

The Instawork app also shows you other job seekers nearby that we think would be a great for your opening. Feel free to request interviews with these folks as well! We’ll notify them about the request right away.

Schedule and manage interviews

Schedule and manage interviews

You’ve found a few applicants you like, now it’s time to schedule an interview! When you request to interview a candidate, the app will prompt you to set aside blocks of time. Candidates can then select a time to meet based on your availability. Instawork also shows you all of your upcoming interviews so you can stay on top of your schedule.

Don’t leave your phone at home on the day of the interview! View all of the information you need on every applicant right from the app. There’s a summary of work history, feedback from other businesses, references and full resumes on all of your applicants. There’s also a place to take notes on any candidate during the interview so you never forget the important details.

Keep track of all your locations

Keep track of all your locations

Do you have a few managers hiring across different locations? Stay on top of the entire hiring process for each of these locations. Not only can you view all of the applicants, upcoming interviews and notes from candidates at the interview, you can also review the candidates that were actually marked as hired.

Manage your account

The app allows you to update information on existing business locations and add new locations and hiring managers to the account. You can also view all of your Instawork receipts to keep track of when and what you’ve posted with us!

Get free job posts

Get free job posts

Head to the “free posts” section of your app and start sharing your referral link. We’ll give you a free job post for any new business that signs up. Our current record holder has gotten 17 free posts! Can you beat that?

Download the Instawork Business app and get started

Download the Instawork Business app and get started!

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