Instawork Mobile Messaging Now Available on Web

Hiring managers rejoice! We’re bringing fast mobile messaging to your desktop

Earlier this year we launched in-app mobile messaging so businesses and applicants can connect faster and safer than ever before.

We know that many hiring managers want to be able to use our new messaging feature on their desktop computers, so here it is!

You can now seamlessly send messages to applicants on-the-go or at your desk.

Here’s how to start sending messages from your desktop:

Step 1: Login to your Instawork Business account

Step 2: Head to your company dashboard

Step 3: Click “message” above the applicant’s profile picture

Instawork Mobile Messaging Now Available on Web
Click “message” above the applicant’s profile picture

This will open up a messaging thread with that applicant. Applicants will get push notifications straight to their phone every time you to send a message.

Seamlessly message applicants from your desktop

Why Messaging?

  • Push Notifications: Messages pop-up on applicants’ phones even when they’re not in the app just like a text message; no more unread emails
  • Get the same response rates as text messaging without sharing your personal contact information
  • Connect with applicants faster directly from your phone
  • Group chats: all users associated with the business can be added to the messaging thread. Perfect for businesses with multiple hiring managers
  • For those who prefer to work from their computer, businesses can now send messages through the desktop version (YAY!)

What should messaging be used for?

  • Businesses can initiate chats with applicants before or after requesting an interview
  • Mobile Only: Businesses can start messaging threads with “candidates nearby” to proactively source their own job applicants
  • Applicants can initiate chats with businesses before applying to ask about the position, location, shifts, compensation, etc.
  • Confirm interviews directly with the applicants
  • Providing special instructions (i.e. who to ask for when they arrive, what to bring, which door to use, parking and other transportation information, running late or meeting with a different interviewer)
  • Following up after an interview

Post your first job on Instawork for FREE with the code InstaMessage and give the messaging tool a try!

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