How Instawork builds reliability in warehouse staffing

Across every industry, businesses find it increasingly difficult to find hourly workers to show up and do work. As a result, recruiting efforts drives up overall labor costs and the uncertainty of having enough manpower creates daily stress on the team and business.

At Instawork, we quickly became the largest hospitality staffing app in large part because we figured out how to find quality workers consistently. And while we’re as not known for this, businesses have leaned on us to fulfill essential services, such as 

  • Warehouse operations
  • Janitorial / cleaning services
  • Parking /guest attending
  • Set up and moving

To date, we've helped 1.4K businesses fill 40K shifts from 6K+ workers on general labor activities listed above.

Delivering 97% fill rate, even on peak times and for big shifts

Reliability to us means always delivering the number of quality people you need to operate your business at your desired capacity.

Our ‘high-tech’ and ‘high-touch’ approach make sure we support everyone along the way. Some of our customers' favorite features include:

  • Workers using GPS technology to get from home-to-work
  • Direct messaging through web and mobile app
  • Local and live support 7 days a week

We strive to meet customer demands quickly without undermining quality. 

430 shifts staffed within one month

Spin logoSpin needed workers to assemble scooters, pack & unpack, etc to grow in a Los Angeles, CA. Instawork was able to fill 430 warehouse worker shifts in one month, with many working repeated shift schedules during that time. 

Results: 97% fill rate, .7% no-show rate, 4.6/5.0 customer satisfaction

Quality you can rely on

Check out a worker’s verified work profile. At Instawork, we not only vet the worker upfront, but the worker continues to build their profile with customer ratings and feedback. What you get is an incredibly rich data about both hard skills and soft skills. Take, for example, Naji’s profile (see full profile here)

Staffing safely during COVID-19

Now more than ever, the safety and health of the Instawork community comes first. We regularly remind workers via multiple channels on COVID-19 safety precautions and to not work when sick. We also work with businesses to ensure their safety procedures are communicated to the workers so they come prepared. 

The essential staffing app for you

We’ve built-in flexibility into the traditional staffing model so it can easily adapt alongside your production needs. We’ll work with you to hire for a one-off shift, for a period of time, temp-to-hire, or permanent roles. And we have your HR’s back on paperwork, payroll, and compliance.

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