[Case study] Growing Warehouse Operations 10x Overnight Using Instawork


Farmstead is a grocery delivery service based in San Francisco. With COVID-19 shelter-in-place mandates, they saw business increase 10x almost overnight. 

Problem: Keeping up with unexpected 10x increase in customer demand

To meet customer needs, Co-founder Kevin Li and his team needed to hire warehouse workers to pick and pack grocery orders, quickly. But given the care their Operations team puts into recruiting full-time employees, this seemed an impossible undertaking.

Solution: Using gigs to fill immediate and long-term staffing needs

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Farmstead’s operations team worked closely with Instawork to meet both their quality standards and staffing requirements. This includes:

  • Vetting process to ensure every warehouse associate met their requirements, including having a strong work ethic and written English skills
  • On-demand, 24/7 booking platform where they can request shifts with short notice, minimizing overbooking costs
  • Feedback rating system to identify and retain the best Professionals that fit their culture
  • Online roster and shift settings configured for same group of Professionals to return every day, saving time on training
  • Live support team that proactively triages call outs resulting in a nearly 0% no-show rate

Results: extra 15 workers per day and 4 full-time hires

Close collaboration among Warehouse Leads, Ops team, and even Product created a smooth staffing process.  Even with many shifts required with short notice, Instawork has delivered:

  • 460+ shifts using 70 Professionals, within one month
  • 100% fill-rate 
  • .44% no-show rate (that’s 1 out of 200 gigs!)

What’s better, both Farmstead and Professionals can test each other out before committing to a full-time position. The temp-to-hire strategy has resulted in four Professionals so far and with likely higher retention too.

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Written by

Frances Liu

Marketing at Instawork