5 Ways to Save Time Hiring

Hiring is stressful. You’re understaffed, crunched for time and have a million other things going on. Luckily, Instawork makes the process headache-free with our network of qualified candidates, interview scheduling tool and candidate introduction feature.

To save you even more time, we analyzed job posts from every business who hired in under a week. We also asked our applicant pool for feedback on what they look for when they’re applying to jobs.

What did we find? The more information a candidate has upfront, the faster the hiring process!

Based on these learnings, we decided to give job posts a fresh new look with even more awesome data. Take advantage of the new job post with these 5 simple tips:

1. Simplify the job title

Keep it simple and clear. Job seekers are scanning through posts looking for keywords. Adding too much text looks sloppy and can bury what’s important to applicants.

Do: Server at Tim’s Tavern

Don’t: FOH server- great hours and pay in fun SF restaurant

2. List a compensation range

Based on Instawork’s data, you’re 12% more likely to make a hire if compensation is included.

Whether you list the exact amount or just a general range, the important thing is that you set clear expectations with applicants. It’s not worth wasting time interviewing just to turn someone down later because their salary requirements are too high.

Tip: Browse through other similar job posts to get a sense of what your competitors are offering.

Include Shifts

3. Include Shifts

Hours and shifts can be a deal breaker. Be sure to include the usual hours the position calls for in the “Required Shifts” section. We know the hospitality industry isn’t like a nine to five job, but do your best here. At the very least, include whether morning, afternoon or evening shift are required. There’s no need to spend time meeting with a candidate who’s unable to work during the hours you need them.

Share employee benefits

4. Share employee benefits

List everything from meal discount to PTO to health insurance in the “Other Benefits” section. Applicants need to know this information before applying. Being upfront with benefits you offer will attract long-term employees who know what they’re signing up for.

Convey company culture in the description

5. Convey company culture in the description

The description section is used to explain the job summary, responsibilities and requirements. It should also be used as an opportunity to share more about your business’ culture, people and environment. Don’t be shy! Include links to social pages, any recent press or awards and add some personality!

Bottom Line

Transparency is key. There’s no use in wasting your time interviewing folks who aren’t totally up for the job. The more information you give upfront, the more likely the person you’re interviewing is ready to commit to the position.

Your feedback helps us get better. Give these tips a try and share your experience with us at business@instawork.com.

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